Digital subscription services have seen strong growth during the pandemic as stuck at home customers find themselves willing to try to new means of entertainment and brand engagement. While many of these customers will continue to subscribe after the pandemic is over, the inevitable “leaky bucket” problem presents a challenge for subscription services—the cost of acquisition is high and often not offset by long-term subscriber retention. 

Leading digital services brands like Netflix and Spotify have developed strategies and capabilities to keep subscribers engaged, interested, and retained—and yet a lot of improvement remains possible. Now, in a pandemic riddled world where all consumer industries are needing to enrich digital engagement to stay relevant, what can be learned from best practices in subscription services? How can brands rethink their loyalty and retention strategies, and invest in the capabilities that will propel future growth? 

Join Clay Walton-House, Managing Director of Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst, and guest speaker, Emily Collins of Forrester, as they discuss reframing loyalty through the lens of digital engagement and subscriber retention, applying best practices to traditional and non-traditional subscription models.  

You’ll leave with a better understanding of: 

  • What best-practice strategies and tactics translate from digital subscription to all consumer industries. 
  • How core capabilities in digital engagement translate to mitigating pressures from COVID-19. 
  • How to define loyalty in this context and improve customer relationships. 

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About the presenters

Clay Walton-House serves as Managing Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst. He helps Fortune 500 companies create and implement new customer engagement strategies that accelerate growth and build loyalty. His expertise lies in understanding consumer behavior and translating it into actionable customer insights. Clay has a proven track record of successful program design and optimization, helping uncover ways to build retention and loyalty strategies into a company’s broader business model.

Emily CollinsEmily serves as interim research director for B2C marketing professionals at Forrester. She leads a team of analysts who help clients develop marketing strategies that drive customer obsession and growth. Her team focuses on omnichannel advertising, social marketing, content strategy and intelligence, marketing measurement, and loyalty. Emily also leads Forrester’s customer loyalty and communities coverage. Her research examines loyalty strategy; loyalty programs; consumer trends; and the tools, skills, and processes B2C marketers need to manage and measure loyal customer relationships. She has been cited frequently in publications such as AdAge, CMSWire, CNBC, Direct Marketing News, Forbes, Fortune, and the New York Times.