We empower the seamless enablement of experience, application platforms, and data on the cloud.

The cloud is more than a means to drive down computing costs or create elasticity for variable demand. It is also a catalyst for enterprise business transformation and a game-changer for how organizations operate at scale. Concentrix Catalyst aims to craft the pathway to sustained value and to help discover the art of the possible while delivering accelerated business outcomes.


  • cloud strategy

    Tailor solutions to keep business value and economics in mind. Assess and create a roadmap to help maximize the ROI on Cloud.

  • cloud platforms

    Enable cloud platform services, drive cloud migration, and boost productivity with IPs, solution accelerators, and leadership.

  • cloud native services

    Enable business-aligned, secured cloud-native apps, and engineering at scale.

  • cloud operations

    Improve operational efficiency, cost efficiency, and security outcomes with a zero-trust mindset and defense-in-depth approach.

  • continuous innovation

    Let the possibilities of the cloud improve your organization’s productivity and create firm integration, resulting in agility, connectedness, and transparency.


API Management & Security

Innovation interviews: Low code/no code

Innovation interviews: On low-code/no-code

Lou Powell

EVP of Solutions and Innovation

Digital Engineering

Cloud model adoption

Raja Roy

EVP of Digital and Cloud Engineering

Business Optimization

What about Private Cloud?

What about Private Cloud?

Randy Allen

API Platform Engineer

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