The client’s Chef’s Club pairs culinary visionaries from around the world with their company engineers to design appliances that foster a more modern cooking experience. With plans to showcase a new smart fridge at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the client needed tablet and mobile apps able to tie the user experience together.


To continue to innovate in an evolving market, the client wanted to simplify the cooking experience and allow users to have access to recipes and cooking tips from anywhere. The company also needed to be able to deliver recipe updates consistently on a global scale.


Concentrix Catalyst partnered with the client on feature ideation, experience design, solution architecture, development and quality assurance to create a multi-channel solution. To make meal preparation simpler, the team developed a smart app able to recommend recipes based on the ingredients currently in the smart fridge. With curated recipe content updated on a bi-weekly basis, the tablet and mobile app fosters a more modern cooking experience.

The smart app notifies users when new recipes are available and can read recipes out loud while users are cooking, pausing briefly between steps. Subtitles are available for multi-language support for the app, which is available in seven countries. The result was a solution able to meet and anticipate the needs of the next generation of home cooks.

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