Consumer-centricity is now business critical in healthcare.

Healthcare has changed. With the pandemic forcing a reinvention of the healthcare customer experience, increased consumerism in healthcare is expanding choice and initiating a digital-first mentality across the industry.

We’ve partnered with Adobe to bring you research that delivers insights into what the healthcare customer experience looks like in the wake of the pandemic. The analysis, customer profiles, and customer journeys detailed in this whitepaper are designed to help healthcare providers better understand the new world of healthcare. In turn, by gaining deeper insights into ever-evolving consumer expectations, healthcare companies can better position themselves to improve health outcomes while driving deeper engagement and greater loyalty.

Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • Key profiles of healthcare consumers and their attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors toward healthcare.
  • How to engage with these consumers at an individual level.
  • The next generation of healthcare customer experiences revealed in their unique care journeys.
  • Why healthcare companies need to better understand patients in order to remain relevant.

About the Authors
John Conmy: New Healthcare Customer ExperienceJohn Conmy serves as Managing Director of Healthcare Experience at Concentrix Catalyst. He has a wide breadth of knowledge designing and executing digital customer engagement strategies, solving business challenges and driving revenue growth for Fortune 500 brands including McDonald’s, USAA, Coca-Cola, Kohl’s, Allstate, Northwestern Medicine, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He is a cross-discipline leader experienced with integrating analytics, marketing, UX, customer research, and technology organizations to deliver orchestrated customer experiences, which drive growth and build loyalty, and has implemented design strategies for products, websites and mobile devices.

Tom Swanson: New Healthcare Customer ExperienceTom Swanson brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry to Adobe, as well as extensive experience in managing digital transformation in a highly regulated marketplace. Tom’s role in Adobe’s DX team includes providing the Adobe point of view in healthcare and life sciences, providing thought leadership on ways to transform the customer experience in healthcare, as well as positioning Adobe to play a leadership role in redefining how each of us engage our personal healthcare ecosystems.