Heather Harris, Practice Director of Intelligence and Analytics at Concentrix Catalyst, Alteryx ACE and author of Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientists as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy, along with members of her data science team, takes you through a geospatial journey in this workshop on spatial analytics. Through tutorials on enriching your analysis in Alteryx by using a spatial component, you’ll learn the basics of working with spatial objects.

Curriculum will include:

  • Viewing Spatial Objects: Input and view spatial objects in Designer.
  • Understanding Spatial Objects: Understand the structure and geometric attributes of spatial objects
  • Creating Spatial Objects: Create spatial objects to use for spatial analytics.
  • Constructing Trade Areas: Construct a trade area to better analyze the area surrounding a point of interest.
  • Splitting Spatial Objects: Break a polyline or polygon spatial object into its smaller components.
  • Calculating Distance: Compute the linear distance between two spatial objects.
  • Relating Spatial Objects: Apply spatial processes to understand the relationships between spatial objects.
  • Identifying Nearest Objects: Identify the nearest spatial object to another while enforcing selection criteria.
  • Spatially Joining Data: Match data based on spatial relationships.

To enrich your analysis in Alteryx, watch the full recording of the workshop below and to follow along, download the data packages here.

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