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Human-Centered BI

We shift perspectives on data, aligning the thrill of problem-solving with resilient solutions, all while bringing work and life back into balance.


We help the world’s most data-centric companies reinvent how they solve challenges and drive value. By fusing modern analytics architecture and human-centered design principles with business strategy and your analytics initiatives, we craft outcomes that make a difference in the lives of your customers, partners and employees.

Modernized architecture

Behind every unwieldy stack and siloed data mart is lost opportunities and failed connections. Our proven frameworks and accelerators can rein in your data proliferation and bring order to the chaos.

  • Data lake implementations
  • Cloud data warehouses
  • Big data engineering
  • Self-service strategies
  • Holistic governance models
  • API models/governance

Human-centered BI

To truly make data actionable, you need more than charts and graphs. At Concentrix Catalyst we focus on building rich, interactive experiences so everyone from analysts to executives can quickly find actionable insights.

  • Data Storytelling
  • Use-Case Driven Design
  • Guided Insights
  • PowerBI + Power Apps
  • AI and ML with human context
  • Agile report development

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