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POSTED : January 22, 2020
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

We’ve spent the last two decades building end-to-end experiences for the world’s largest brands—experiences that drive meaningful outcomes, faster, and that are fundamentally human in expressionOur brand has evolved over that time, but our belief in the power of two important themes has not: Great design and strong tech.  

Great design and strong tech come together at the intersection of multiple disciplinesdesign, research, development, engineering, marketing, analytics and more. As a team of thinkers, designers, makers and builders, we marry creative, customer-centric design and tech know-how to help our clients run the future of their industries.  

And that future requires leading, not merely responding to, thshifts in customer expectations that are fueling historic levels of disruption and digital transformation. It requires the right experts and innovative ideas to design, build and run the end-to-end experiences that will come to define daily life for billions of people across the world. And that’s where our team comes in.

Digital transformation starts here 

At Concentrix Catalyst, we were born digital. By putting humans at the center of design and strategy, we are able to engineer unique, multilayered experiences, from mobile and web to in-store, e-commerce, patient, employee and partner. We then make sure it all runs smoothly at scale, without a hitch in operations.   

We’ve done it in the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, where we’ve worked with Daimleran industry leader, for nearly a decade to embrace and leverage a data-driven approach to understanding its customers, industry and business operations. By documenting the flow of customer data, then aligning across internal applications and business units, we gave the organization the mastery over customer information it needs to craft and realize a reimagined customer experience. We created Amazon-like capabilities in the organization’s truck configuration and purchase process and built a realtime supply chain analytics tool that is used in the field with customers, providing critical data and analytics to internal employees while further improving the end-to-end experience.

We’re also combining great design and leading-edge technology to fuel transformation in other industries, including tech itself. With customer success in mind, we worked with Microsoft to design and test a solution to support and guide partners through the sales process. In just five months, we built a simple, scalable sales enablement platform that empowers the tech leaders’ partners to drive shorter sales cycles and higher returns—the holy grail of tech salesWe also led the development of a global program to address inefficiencies in the company’s social marketing, including fragmented execution, redundancy, inconsistent tools and metrics. The program was grounded in both the client’s business objectives and in their customer’s journeyclarifying the roles and responsibilities for global and local teams across international markets. 

In retail, we’re charting the future by helping a leader in athletic apparel become a more essential part of people’s livesFor more than five years, we’ve helped the retailer solidify its brand membership strategy as well as pilot, test and execute key components. We designed and implemented the service experience and customer journeys for its retail locations to give associates 360-degree access to member profiles, and enabled personalized brand interactions and data collection in-store and at large-scale events. We also redesigned how the company launches new releases and built a digital tool prototype for athletes to facilitate in-store launches.

And in financial services, we worked with one of the world’s largest credit card issuers, helping them go to market faster and meet their commitments to customers. We assessed the organization’s target platforms to identify gaps, then developed an automated pipeline to reduce long software delivery timelines and defects. The improvements allow the organization’s engineers to invest more time in innovation and feature development so that it can continue to expand its footprint in the market.

Over 20 years of engineering possibilities 

Digital is in our DNA. We believe that great engineering makes great experiences possible. Our commitment to deep craftsmanship means we never lose sight of the artistry and the technology that customers expect in moments that matterWe build pioneering, high-value experiences grounded in human insights—experiences that forge meaningful and valuable customer connections.  

In doing so, we put our core capabilities to work: strategy to surface possibilities, design to imagine those possibilities, development to build and bring possibilities to life, and data to generate insights around how possibilities actually perform. Together, with our clients, we design, build and run the future.

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