The client is a global convenience store with an operation of more than 670 stores across Australia. Through its store network, they conduct more than 190 million transactions a year, serving an average of six customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.6 billion.


The client had minimal data on their customers which made them blind when making business decisions around sales and marketing. They were also faced with the challenge of needing to show and prove innovation to both their customers and their franchisees in order to maintain their market-leading competitive edge.

Combining both challenges, the client sought to release their first consumer-facing application to the public and wanted to ensure it was innovative and like nothing else in the market.

Convenience store in Australia trials mobile checkout to reduce shopper friction


From discovery, ideation, and user testing through to an Agile build, the Fuel App MVP was released to market in early 2016. Under the Concentrix Catalyst Managed Services program, the Fuel App has undergone consistent quarterly releases since its launch. This has allowed the application to enhance and develop in response to business benefits, user feedback, and analytics.

Convenience store in Australia trials mobile checkout to reduce shopper friction

The Fuel App has been a cornerstone in promoting customer loyalty for the client, with over 1 million downloads, which has saved motorists over $5 million in fuel purchases, with app users now shopping 2.3 times more frequently and spending 14% more than non-app users. The Fuel App has also welcomed 40% of users as new customers and consistently sits above a 4-star rating in both app stores for over two years. As a result, the client has been able to capture extensive customer data and have subsequently been able to make more informed business decisions to tailor its sales and marketing approach.

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