Transformation across government

Transforming government is an intricate, immense and fascinating challenge. Transformational strategy requires a rigorous understanding of the needs of government fieldworkers, existing technologies, the intricacies of policy and processes, and most importantly – how these elements affect the citizen.

Looking at the problem through a range of lenses allows us to find efficiencies, re-engineer processes, and craft products that give specialists their office, backend system, policies, processes, and colleagues in the palm of their hand. As a preferred partner together we have delivered significant transformation across Government.


IVY enables staff to spend more time (approx. 77,000 hours annually) addressing the needs of social housing tenants.

For me personally IVY has saved a lot of time behind the scenes. I am able to complete checklists in the field, including consent forms. I had no anxiety about getting back to the office and all the work involved with checking the documents in. It has given me time to focus on other tenancy issues, so I can give a better customer service to my clients.”

Lake Macquarie, DCJ Client Service Officer

How we cater to a challenge

  • Innovation days

    We always aim to dream big but understand the possible constraints. We deliver the best possible solution with what we have at hand, keeping the focus on driving outcomes.

  • Accessibility, Universal, and Trauma-Informed Design

    We facilitate a shift in mindsets to create human-focused solutions that have a positive influence on humans and organizations alike.

  • Data, privacy, and PII

    We support the needs of Government grade security for PII, onshore regions, offline capabilities, and in-field collaboration to support business continuity and scaling mobility capability.

  • User-centered design processes

    We focus on solving design challenges in new ways, ensuring that it maps back to the goal and intent of a given challenge.

  • Change Management, Education, and Internal Buy-in

    We build strong relationships by keeping the best interest in the mind of our customers, users and Concentrix Catalyst. We are ethical in our craft and always aim to create transparent solutions.

  • Bridging the gaps between User, Context, Business, and Tech discovery

    We aim to perform only the tasks necessary to derive value fast, then move on.  We create re-usable tools and techniques that eliminate churn and help us focus on what we do best: designing impactful experiences.

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