Staff Spotlight 4
POSTED : December 16, 2021
BY : Badrul Hassan

At Concentrix Catalyst, we are proud of our strong partnership with Salesforce. Earlier this year, we were named a preferred loyalty partner for Salesforce’s Loyalty Management platform. We recently spoke with Badrul Hassan, Managing Director of Salesforce Commerce, to gain more insight on why working on Concentrix Catalyst’s Salesforce team is such a rewarding experience.

Q: Tell us about your work at Concentrix Catalyst.

A: I lead the project delivery for anything that’s related to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. I also head up enablement and training for all our team members that need any type of training on Commerce Cloud, or any type of new technology that has to do with Commerce Cloud. I also work with the team to build new IPs and cool stuff that really allows our customers and partners to take advantage of all that Commerce Cloud has to offer. In addition to all this, I support the pre-sales and the sales process.

Q: Why did you choose to work for Concentrix Catalyst?

A: The reason why I was attracted to Concentrix Catalyst was its Forrester recognized work. Concentrix Catalyst has done a lot of amazing work with a lot of top brands around the world in creating and crafting amazing loyalty programs, and we actually execute these programs with technology. I felt that was connected to commerce, which is something that I’m passionate about. It just seemed to be an amazing fit for me.

Q: What part of your work are you most passionate about?

The parts of the Managing Director of Salesforce Commerce role that really excite me are in two areas. One, I love sales and pre-sales, because I feel like I’m actually bringing a lot of value to our customers. I enjoy solving a problem for them. I’m passionate about that. Second is working with my team to build really amazing IPs that we can then take to our customers and partners and build a lot of cool stuff that’s not out there today.

Q: What are some skills you’ve learned at Concentrix Catalyst?

A: One of the skills that I’m really proud of is thinking through and understanding the customer journey and what makes a loyal customer—thinking about all the different touchpoints a customer has with a specific brand and thinking about creating moments that matter. Those are some of the things that I didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about before I joined Concentrix Catalyst, and this is the bread and butter of what we do here. Getting to know and truly understand and empathize with our customers has really been an eye-opening experience.

Q: What is some advice you would give to someone considering a career at Concentrix Catalyst?

A: The advice that I would give to someone who wants to join Concentrix Catalyst is…do it! Join us. This is one of the best companies that you can work for. Another bit of advice is, always be ready to grow and learn, because that’s in our DNA here. We’re always learning, we’re always growing, and we’re always challenging ourselves and our colleagues.

So come join us. We are one big family.

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Badrul Hassan, Managing Director of Salesforce CommerceBadrul Hassan has over 13 years of IT experience with a proven track record of solution-driven leadership. He has hands-on experience with various web technologies including .NET, Java, Demandware, Cloudcraze, UI/UX design concepts, middleware solutions for data management and transfer, relational database models, payment processing, and various mobile platforms. He has served as a technical lead for various ERP, CRM, and ecommerce initiatives with budgets ranging from $250K to $2M while utilizing SDLC and ITIL best practices. Tags: