An insurance provider based in Omaha, Nebraska, the client provides workers compensation insurance and payroll services to small and medium-sized companies through a network of agencies and brokers, serving as a liaison between the end customer and the insurer. Each insurance agency receives a commission on premium payments made by their policyholders. The client needed a better way to perform commission management by tracking checks and track payment data within a single system.


The client stores agency policy details and commission rates in a third-party industry-specific application and monitors policyholder payments in Accounting Seed. To automate the calculation of commission and generate monthly statements, Salesforce needed to integrate with these two applications.

To connect Salesforce with the insurance platform, Concentrix Catalyst used Dell Boomi, a middleware tool on the AppExchange that minimizes custom coding and eases the process of integrating third-party apps into Salesforce. 

The client also needed to bring critical data from monthly payments made by policyholders into Salesforce. They chose Accounting Seed, which integrates natively with Salesforce.

With the integration configured, agency data began to surface inside Salesforce. The bi-directional integration brought premium payment data into Salesforce while pulling commission calculations into Accounting Seed. The team could perform commission management, tracking payments made to agency accounts in their Accounting Seed reports.


Catalyst developed a custom Salesforce object, “Commissions,” to house the data from Accounting Seed and the third-party insurance platform. This allowed the team to review policyholder payments and agency commissions without leaving the CRM.

Catalyst built custom functionality to automate the calculation of commissions, referencing the data stored in this object. Triggers and workflows were used to generate a commission statement PDF and payable check. At the end of the month, the team could quickly download these documents out of Salesforce and send them to agency employees. This functionality cut out a lengthy and manual process, freeing up more time for the team to dedicate to business development and customer satisfaction.

With some custom development, the client turned Salesforce into an all-in-one solution. The custom functionality not only helped the company minimize manual work, but it also improved their reporting on commission payments. They could drill into the numbers behind each calculation. If they received a discrepancy claim from an agent, their team would have no problem pointing out exactly how much commission they received, for which premium payments, and at what percentage.

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