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Three New Rules for Improved CX

Creating experiences people love to use

Make your bank easier to work with

Personalize each user’s interaction with a touch of familiarity. Engage in a way that makes your customer’s priorities your priorities. 

This is how banks cultivate loyalty, and how loyalty grows bottom lines.

At Concentrix Catalyst, we specialize in making banks more personal, intimate, and easier to work with. Because at Concentrix Catalyst, we specialize in creating experiences people love to use.

76% of Americans use financial institution mobile apps for everyday banking needs

Source: Ipsos-Forbes U.S. Weekly Consumer Confidence Survey


No financial institution can achieve digital banking transformation or improve all components of customer service overnight. In 2021 banks can expect customers to ask for: elevated personalized expectations, simple, fast customized journeys, and design that provides an intuitive, branded experience.

The best strategy is to start by looking at what. you customers expect from you in a post-pandemic world. If you find yourself asking any of these questions then read on.

Take your banking to the next level.

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T-Mobile and Concentrix Catalyst Present: Creating an Integrated Loyalty Strategy

50% of consumers now interact with their bank through mobile apps or websites at least once a week – compared to 32% two years ago.

What can we help with?

In case after case, Concentrix Catalyst has proven to deliver the customer experience brands need to differentiate in a crowded and demanding marketplace. Let us help you:

  • Accelerate loan application and processing
  • Increase loyalty
  • Build trust
  • Improve customer care
  • Speed order processing and fulfillment
  • And facilitate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

Proactive Personalization

Customers today expect and appreciate authentic, personalized digital experiences when interacting with service providers. Proactive recommendations communicate this care. Let us help you cater to a “segment of one” by applying automated recognition technology for more customized pricing, increased loyalty, and added revenue.

Design Matters

The look and feel of a website or mobile app communicate in seconds whether your bank is outdated and inefficient or ready for business. By offering an integrated digital experience that projects innovation and provides the latest mobile-based features and services, you create the sticky environment it takes to earn and keep more business.

Speed and Simplicity

Digital speed, simplicity, and contextual experiences encourage self-service and facilitate automated support. Our solutions combine conversational AI and chatbots with the predictive analytics it takes to help you understand customer behaviors, develop new products and separate your brand from the pack.

Take your banking to the next level.

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