The future of software is low-code. Gartner estimates that by 2024 nearly 65% of all app development will occur on low-code platforms. There are many reasons for this: software of the past has taken a much longer time to build, and is often language-specific, which limits the pool of talent available to organizations and creates a steep learning curve for would-be professional developers. On the other hand, low code platforms are visual in nature and easy to learn, while promising a shorter development time for time-strapped organizations.

However, as citizen developers create new ways of doing business, we see two challenges that stand in the way of their collective success: onboarding and enterprise standards. I recently hosted a webinar in which I sought to explain how to overcome these issues, in addition to how companies are leveraging best practices to ensure citizen developers make the most of low-code platforms like Microsoft PowerApps, Salesforce, and Google Cloud Platform.

If you missed the webinar or would like to experience it again, watch the video below.

Learn how to achieve true innovation with low-code/no-code platforms.

About the presenter

Raja RoyRaja Roy is vice president of technology at Concentrix Catalyst. He is responsible for driving the overall technology initiative, strategy, and innovation for Concentrix Catalyst. Raja has nearly 20 years of experience leading technology strategy, initiatives, and innovation for Fortune 500 brands.